Timberlake village



Welcome to Lake of the Ozarks - one of Nature's most beautiful areas. Timberlake Village has many unique and attractive qualities.

What We Offer

Full Time Homes

Our full time homes are very comfortable to reside in and live peacefully.

Part Time Homes

We also offer part time homes for your comfortable stays for a short time.


Our waterfront area is very spacious located in a "no wake cove”.


Our docks have private space and open field storage in the off season during the winter months.

About Us

We specifically cater to senior citizens/adults, and relaxation is what we are all about. Our Park is situated just as the name states, small and nestled in the oak timbers right on the edge of the lake. Timberlake Village has over 20 acres of level grounds just perfect for walking - lots of grass and open areas. The Park is immaculate and well cared for, and everyone takes pride in living at Timberlake Village.

The deer and wildlife are abundant and seen quite often. The boat-launching ramp is spacious and easy to use, along with well-maintained boat docks/slips. We have Cable TV, High-speed internet, private telephone lines, metered propane gas, 100 and 200-amp electrical service. Included in our rates are water, sewer, and trash service.

Why Choose Us

State Approved & Tested Water Well

Our "STATE APPROVED & TESTED WATER WELL is especially deep and delivers some of the finest, clear, and best tasting water around.

The entire park is well lit at night via dusk to dawn lights, improving visibility and adding security.

Even though we specialize in catering to adults and senior citizens, your family and grandchildren are welcome to visit and enjoy our facilities. Come to Timberlake Village and see for yourself one of the finest parks on Lake of the Ozarks. The Park has been managed and operated for over 21 years by the same owners, and the facilities show this care and attention.

Proud of Our Location

We offer quick and easy year-round access via paved roads to supermarkets, dentist/doctors, offices/clinics, variety shopping, banks, post office, beauty shops, restaurants, boat, and auto services/sales, senior citizen center, the Elks, Lions and American Legion organizations, churches, theater, the Community Center and many other civic groups. All this and more are only a short 3-mile trip (all on paved roads) away from Timberlake Village.

Calm and Relaxing Activities

Plus, we are on the 39-mile marker of the Osage arm of the lake, which features the quiet, precise, and tranquil water just perfect for calm and relaxing boating, excellent fishing, easy swimming, smooth skiing, or simply the untouched natural beauty of the Lake of the Ozarks. So, you can see we have the best of both quick and easy access to the necessities yet in a tranquil secluded setting right on the lake.

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